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  • Slings do not damage the load - reduces wastage and damage to material being handled hence saves money.

    Higher productivity due to lower rigging time - Slingset is 20% the weight of wire ropes and stronger.

    Lower machine downtime - where used for changeover of dies or work rolls (e.g..steel re-rolling or stamping industry)

    Lower storage and transportation costs as they are extremely flexible and light in weight-(e.g..accident relief trains.)

    Eliminates cost of consumables like grease, gloves etc. required for use of steel wire-ropes/chains.

    Longer Sling life, therefore lower replacement costs.

    Lower employee absenteeism and claims due to injury, which are high when steel wire-ropes are used.

    Higher worker morale due to low fatigue and no injuries while rigging.

    Lower chances of accidents as inspection is easy, positive & visual. Also Slingset has overload indicators, to warn against overload of slings.

  • Cheaper and more cost effective than steel wire-ropes in the long run.


  • Much lighter and softer than steel. Very easy to rig the toughest jobs.

    Lower weight and softness meanslower injuries, fatigue and no back problems.

    Easy to inspect, colour coded and tagged thus the worker is always sure of capacity of sling being used.

    Overload indicators warn of overload.

    Twin-Path construction ensures 100% back-up protectionand safety to ensure an accident free environment.

  • Easier to rig jobs with tough contours-grips closely along contours of load.

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