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Slings with two "eyes" at the end are very popular because they are conceptually easier to understand how to sling.

They are also popular because of their flat construction.

However the best sling is the Round-sling as lifting fibers are not exposed-only the cover comes in contact with load. In Webbing sling, the yarns which lift the load are the yarns which come into contact with it. In case of misuse, failure can be sudden.

So SlingsetŪ has the most ergonomically designed sling in the world- STPE Sling. The SlingsetŪ TWIN-PATH EYE & EYE SLING. It combines the best features of both Webbing & Round Sling; namely-

  • Has two 'eyes' at ends - the popular construction of a Webbing sling.Load bearing surface is "flat and wide". Has a "Twin - Path" construction designed for 100% safety and back-up protection. Has overload indicators to protect overload. Has fibre optic inspection. Available upto SWL of 300 MT with the world's best fibre-K-Spec yarn. Equal strength all over body of sling-Webbing slings are weakest at the eyes.
  • Load bearing yarns do not come into contact with the load, thus ensuring higher safety.
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